Search Engine Optimization


Lansing area businesses have relied on our search engine optimization since 1999. We have an excellent track record getting websites in the top 10 results (1st page).

What is Search Engine Optimization?

In the past, people would open the yellow pages when they were looking for a business. Now, most people begin their search on the Internet. They use "Search Engines", such as Google. They visit the search engine webpage and enter what they're looking for and click the "Search" button. This brings up a list of websites. This list is known as "Search Engine Results". The search results list is comprised of websites which Google has determined are most relevant to the search.

If your website is listed on the first page of search engine results, it greatly increases the chances of a person visiting your site. To create a website that does well on search engines we "optimize" the website. This is known as Search Engine Optimization, often called simply SEO.

White Hat Techniques

We're able to create an optimized website so that it performs well on search engines. We only use "White Hat" techniques. This means we carefully follow the rules that the search engines specify. Your site will do well and will never be banned from the search engines.

A Note about Results

We have an excellent track record of creating optimized websites. However, it's not an exact science. Results will vary from site to site. If the site does not perform optimally, we can "tweak" the site to improve it.