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We're a full design agency with over 10 years of experience in Lansing.

Why choose a professional agency?

If you own a business, we understand money is always tight. So you need to decide the best and most important ways to spend your money. And the best way is one that will earn that expense back and pay for itself. That's our goal as a design agency. We design websites that work. It's our goal to see an increase in your business due to the site we build. Maybe you're trying to decide between an agency like us, or having a non-professional create an inexpensive site. Here are some points to keep in mind:

First Impressions Count

When a person lands on your website, they decide in a few seconds whether to stay on your site, or click away and onto your competitor's website. By giving the best first impression possible, more people will stay on your site longer and more people will become customers. A professional design by a professional agency will ensure your website gives the best first impression possible.


Many large companies talk about branding. Branding is a professional and consistent image for all your marketing items. A company with successful branding has a "recognizable" brand. A professional site by a design agency will help establish and build your brand.

Get Found

Quite often we're contacted by people and we hear "we have a website, but nobody can find us!". A website isn't any good if nobody finds it and nobody visits it. We often create new websites for those clients and build it so people can find it. They become frustrated because they wasted money on the first website. People can find our websites because of our SEO expertise.

SEO Expertise

The majority of people find websites using search engines. We build sites that are easily found through search engines. We've specilized in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for over 10 years. We understand how the search engines work, and how they index sites. We'll build a site that is fully optmized and will do well on search engines. The more people who find your site, the more chances you have of gaining a new customer.


This is a step that most amateurs skip but it's critical to having a fully functioning website. We test our sites to make sure they can be viewed in all the major browsers. We test for bad links, and we "validate" our code. Validating ensures the site uses proper code that is supported by all browsers and validating helps avoid any browser errors. Not everyone uses the same browser. Your site needs to work and look correct on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Better User Experience

When a person visits your website, you want them to have a good experience. If a visitor gets frustrated, they will leave your site, regardless of whether your product or service is good. We create sites with "clean" design. Our designs are straight forward and pleasing to the eye. If a visitor likes your site and can find their way through the site, they'll stay longer, visit more pages, and are more likely to become a customer.

Advantage Over Your Competition

Do your competitors have a website? How does it look? If you have a nice website that functions better, you'll have a distict advantage over them.

Return on Investment

Like any other business expense, you're concerned about the return on investment. A professional website can be one of the best investments for your marketing money. An amateur or poorly designed website ends up being a poor investment, and a waste of money. Maximize your investment with a site designed by a professional design agency.

In the past, many businesses used the yellow pages to advertise their business. If you have a display ad in the yellow pages, it can easily cost $500 per month. That's $6,000 per year. And you can't change it during the year. It's static. Once it's printed, it stays that way for the entire year. Over a three year period, that will cost $18,000. Most websites that we create for small to medium sized businesses cost much less than that and can be used for as many years as you like. Most likely more than three years. And a website can be updated as needed.

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